The USB ports on my dock turn off when I dock the console.


As per the title, I can charge things on the dock when the console isn't docked, or when it is, but turned off/in rest mode.

As soon as the console is docked and powered on, the USB ports stop outputting voltage.

Apparently this issue has been encountered by other users and later solved by doing a complete power cycle.

ie. Turning off the console and unplugging everything, then plugging everything back in in the right order and letting the Switch turn on by itself when docked.

This did not work for me.

One thing I noticed, in the videos I found explaining this method, the Switch turns on by docking it and then goes all the way to the Home menu. Mine doesn't do that, it shows the Nintendo logo, then the Switch logo, and it goes into rest mode.

At this point the USB ports work, until I wake it up via the power button or the Home button on the joycon..

PS: I am currently quarantined at home until further notice, because of the Covid19 :]

So I can't borrow another dock, but I have all of my work gear, including a multimeter, USB ampmeter, soldering station etc.

UPDATE: When I connect the Switch in RCM mode to a computer, it only ever shows up as “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”. No matter the cable, no matter the computer, even with the correct drivers manually installed.

I’m including this here since the two issues -might- be related.

Pss: This is a Switch that I had to work on quite heavily to bring back to life (changed the USB port, M92T36, PI3USB mainly). Maybe one of these chips is responsible for the problems I’m having.

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More than a year after my post I have the answer to my problem.

Turns out the USB controller on that Switch was dead (short circuit), that controller being integrated into the CPU, it's actually not fixable.

I found this out by measuring the diode mode readings on pads K2 and K3 (

You should read 0.800 on both pads.

If you get OL the filters are probably blown.

If you read 0.000, there's a short, your Switch USB controller is dead.


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