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Transferring Digital Touch home button to new display

When we transfer digital home button to new glass screen on latest iPad like iPad Pro or 5th or 6th Gen, home button always feel loose grip under screen. Click feeling seldom feel.

Does anybody share technique that digital home button should feel same click as on original screen ?

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I know they have like an adhesive gasket. Where did you get your screen from?

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from online local big warehouse in UK. You mean there is separate adhesive gasket for digital home button we need to buy for ipad?


Are you referring to assistive touch or the physical home button


Yes physical digital home button of all latest iPad Pro etc.


@irepairman I'm still confused about what you're trying to say. Are you referring to the Pro model that still has a physical home button with touch ID or the pro model with face ID?


I am referring all iPad models with digital home buttons, when we try to replace on new screen, they always feel loose even though. Do you know any great technique what we can do that customer feel firm grip when they try to use new screen with original digital home button as some of my customer complaint about it.


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