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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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MacBook Pro with italian keyboard

I want to replace italian keycaps with russian keycaps(keyboard keys and key layout is the same) but I can’t find any keycap set for 16 inch, there is only 2016-2019 butterfly keycaps. any suggestions?

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I wouldn’t recommend swapping out any of the Butterfly keycaps since the 2015 MacBook and the 2016 MacBook Pro’s to the 2019 the keyboards are just too fragile!

The newer Magic keyboard which goes back to a newer scissor design is just too new to know if the keycaps are even serviceable and I wouldn’t recommend swapping out the full uppercase just to changeout the keyboard as that’s a $1,000 USD expense! The iFixit team did do an experiment swapping out on of the Bluetooth Magic keyboard keycaps with there 16” system as you can see here Teardown des MacBook Pro (16 Zoll, 2019) Jump down to Step 5, so its possible! I still would not do this as one keycap is still a long way of a full keyboard.

The best way here is just get a keyboard stickers or full cover which has the markings for Russian.

Russian Cyrillic Stickers

Russian Cyrillic Keyboard Cover You’ll need to talk to them for the 16” model as its not listed.

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Yeah, It would be easier to just replace the whole keyboard instead. The butterfly keyboard would be a nightmare to replace all keys individually.


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You can find the RU keycaps on this link.

I switched on a macbook pro 2018 the keycaps from UK to IT without any problem.

On 2020 16” the switch is easier and safer. Just be careful.

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Hi, thank you for the link, i don't think these keycaps will be compatible with A2141, but link says it is, it's suspicious that arrow keys not inverted in the picture, but A2141s inverted, i contacted the seller and came up with no reply, i can't even buy it because of quarantine:(


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