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Das März 2015 Update von Apples 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, Modell A1502, bietet fifth-generation Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren der 5. Generation und führt den Force Touch Trackpad ein.

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power button doesn't work correctrly


I have the MacBook pro early 2015 and the battery was dead after 4 years so I decided to order a new one and change it. So I removed the old dead battery. After checking that nothing was destroyed by me I ordered a new one. After some weeks without the battery, while I was using my MacBook I spilt a little bit water to my laptop. I immediately disconnect the MagSafe and my pc was off. After that, I blow with compressed air the keyboard to dry the keys. Subsequently, I took the motherboard and clean it with alcohol (I haven’t isopropyl alcohol). Today I noticed that the power button doesn’t work unless I disconnect the MagSafe, pressed it for 1-2 seconds, plug in the MagSafe and then press the power key.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Update (03/26/2020)

You can see how the power button behave



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May be try to closely look with a ‘lens’ or microscope for any short/damage to the DC in board. Or replace it.

Careful: may be you can cause more damage by opening and analysing. At least it works now!!!

MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Anfang 2015 MagSafe Versorgungskarte (DC-In)austauschen

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I found that the button doesn't work at all. If you disconnect the MagSafe and reconnect it without the battery it will turn on. This is the reason that it boots.

I probed the pin five of the connector of the keyboard and pressed the power button, it hasn't resistance between the ground. Is there a probability that the only key destroyed by the water is the power button??


google for louis rossman repair in youtube. May be you can see those videos and get an idea for solving the problem!!!


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