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The Lenovo IdeaPad 320-17IKB was released in May of 2018 and is identified by model number 80xm.

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What components in this laptop are upgradeable?

What upgrades can be made to improve the performance of this laptop? I know this was not the top of the line machine when it was new. I want to get at least another 1.5-2 years out of it. Are the RAM, processor, memory, and/or screen be switched out for the better? If so, what would be your suggestion?

Thank you in advance.

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Two things (though you didn’t give current specifications):

*Install SSD drive either by replacing current drive or installing drive in the DVD compartment using a Laptop Hard Drive Mount for ODD (Optical Disk Drive) case.

*Upgrade RAM.

*Make sure Windows 10 and all drivers are updated.

That’s about it.

There are other Windows tune-ups that can done but just look those up on the web.

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Oh man I didn't know such caddys existed, do you know what size I'm looking for that is compatible with this laptop?


Hi @Mike Honcho

1.) Go to Control Panel, open Device Manager, go down to "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and click on it. Look at what model it is and look it up on the Web and find its dimension. The height of the opening is what you are after. Usually 9.5mm but some older ones are thicker, I believe.

2.) Or simple take out the DVD drive and measure the thickness.


@aactech @ mike honcho,

The HDD size is 9.5mm.

According to Crucial a 9.5mm adapter is supplied with their 7mm SSDs for this laptop so presumably the dvd drive would be the same size as the HDD.


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