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Angekündigt am 9. September 2014, ist dies das erste Gerät von Apple im Bereich der Smart Wearables. Die Reparaturanleitungen von iFixit beziehen sich sowohl auf die Apple Watch (Edelstahl) als auch die Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum).

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Should Apple Pay work after Watch Original screen replacement?

I find conflicting information about whether Apple Pay can be expected to work after screen replacement. I think this is because of confusion about the differences between Original/Series 1 and more recent models. My understanding is that the Original at least - and possibly Series 1 too - should be able to retain functional Apple Pay after a screen replacement. Is this correct?

The watch in question had been reset to factory settings before being worked on. After replacing the screen it was set up as a new watch and Apple Pay cards were added. However, Apple Pay does not function: only the GUI shows up. No connection is made with the terminal (I think it says “move closer”). All other functionality seems to work, including force touch. Is this expected? Are there any other steps?

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This gets into the game of Where’s Waldo! The location of the NFC sensor and its NXP 67V04 NFC Controller.

The Original Series & Series 1 have both located within the display assembly so when you replace the assembly you lose the function. There is no means to re-enable it.

With the Series 2 & Series 3 the NFC module is removable so you can swap it over into the new display Install Series 2 Display on a Series 3 with Apple Pay

Even the Series 4 & 5 have the ability to swap out the NFC unit as well.

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Are you sure? This is the opposite of what I've seen elsewhere - the Series 0 has it on the main board. e.g. https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig... In fact, it was a comment of yours that pointed me at this information. Why is my NFC (apple pay) not working?


The Original series and Series 1 has the controller within the SIP, but the sensor is still within the display. I should have been clearer, sorry. > I'm only human < ;-{


But then it should work, shouldn't it? I'd expect the controller to be the part that does secure functions, and the sensor to be interchangeable...


I've seen mixed results here. I'm not sure if the replacement parts being sold are good or bad.


Which replacement parts do you mean? My suggestion is that a Series 0 screen-only replacement should not touch the antenna or the NFC chip, so should in principle just work.


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