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A more affordable, purely handheld version of the Nintendo Switch game console, with integrated Joy-Con controllers and a slightly smaller screen. Released September 20, 2019.

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Do I need a new mainboard?

Some liquid spilled in onto the switch, which afterwards someone tried to turn on.

Ive taken it apart a bit to clean residual liquid, but it seems like some components are fried.

Block Image

Its located under/near the left speaker housing, and where it says Side-B UM.

I assume I'll need an entirely new mainboard?

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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zachary ortmann … your board can be salvaged. clean the pcb with some 99% isoproply and a soft bristled brush and make sure that all corrosion is taken care of. next, youll need to troubleshoot which components are shorted by taking reading with a multimeter. replace those that need replacing. keep this up until the issue is resolved. without a schematic it will be hard unless its obvious. replace the obvoious and hope it powers on. if not, youll need to google the board schematic and hope you find something to verify measurements against. if youre not able to find anything, a tech should be able to salvage. depending on what they will charge will be what determines if you should just buy another board. good luck. if you find schematics and have questions, post back with a link and pics and we can help.

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