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Xbox One controller introduced in 2016 with the launch of the Xbox One S and adds Bluetooth support for Windows 10. This controller fixes many of the design flaws found on Model 1537/1697 controllers and is much more reliable. This controller has been replaced with the Model 1914 controller.

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Right analog stick drift up

I used software to test and found out that there is no drift when I’m on my desktop. But when I launch a game, I get drift on the right analog and after I close and open game controller tester, I notice drift on the right stick. The weird thing though is it actively fluctuates from 0%-60%.

ex: 0-60-40-20-0-34-68

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I would try replacing the joystick. It’s a simple fix. But if that doesn’t work, you might have to replace the joystick sensor. Hopefully this works.

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