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LG logo flashes on, then black screen, ticking sound with remote use

LG TV powers on, gives a brief flash of logo on the screen (white lights flash briefly when back of TV is off), then black screen with no backlight (cannot see menu or anything with flashlight test). Standby red light remains on. Interesting thing ( not mentioned on other posts with this issue), Is that if I then use the remote control to try to get the menu to display, it starts making a quiet but constant ticking sound. I'm hoping that bit of information may help guide me in the direction of which part needs to be replaced without taking apart the entire thing. Have taken off main board, power board, TCon board and reattached. Nothing obviously abnormal looking. Thank you!

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Hi @basco ,

What is the model number of the TV?


Model # is LG 50UH5500. Thanks!


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Hi @basco

In my experience this issue is most likely related to a failed backlight array. Replacing all of the LED backlight strips should fix this problem.

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Hi @basco ,

Just to add to this answer here's a video that shows the exact problem that you've described for your model and how to fix it.


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