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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,4 GHz i5 oder 2.8 GHz i7 Prozessor.

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What should I do with a swollen, removed laptop battery?

Hi there! Recently, I noticed the click on my MacBook trackpad wasn’t clicking so good! Once my laptop started randomly cutting out the power, I figured the battery was breaking. I have used an amazon replacement battery (will not make that mistake again).

So i removed it, and there was no visible swelling, but the trackpad worked well again.

My question is, due to the current situation, all waste recycling centres are closed, so I can’t dispose of it instantly. What would be the Safest way to store it until I can properly get rid of it?

currently it is inside a Tupperware, duct taped in a bin bag, in my garden. Is that (reasonably) safe?

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Hi @wisteria

Just keeping it away from anything metal and anything sharp will render the battery harmless. As long as it’s charge isn’t affected by charging or discharging, it shouldn’t spontaneously light on fire (or cause any other type of harm). Even in these “worst case” environments, it’s extremely rare for a battery to light on fire.

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Thanks for the help


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Put it outside or somewhere away from flammable items until it’s discharged! Think something like a area that’s mostly concrete - put it out there with the Tupperware cover you’re already using. Keep it somewhere a pet can’t get to it as well and you can safely dispose of it.


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Keep it cool and out of direct sun as well.


@danj The garbage bag is asking for trouble :-(. Future house fire.


@nick - For sure! If you can set it afire its not safe!


@danj If it was a minor bulge I could see inert house placement in glass, but we don't know. Best to keep it outside because we have to assume it's a ticking time bomb.

Even a plastic lid isn't great, but it's far less dangerous then a garbage bag.


It’s in the garden and it has been the whole time- I was concerned about it getting wet inside the plastic box- it is raining here, heavily and I didn’t know if it was watertight. To be honest, I have a bare concrete garden and even if it did explode there’s nothing aside from brickwork for it to burn!

Thanks everyone for your concern.


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