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KitchenAids Artisan Serie 4,5 l Küchenmaschine mit Neigekopf Modell KSM150PSER. Alle Modelle, bei denen die Typenbezeichnung mit KSM150PS beginnt, sind gleich, die Endbuchstaben geben nur die Farbe an.

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Speed control lever won't stay in off position

I have an Artisan KA about 9 years old. It has done well but over the last few months the speed control lever has started to jump out of the off position so that when you switch the power on at the mains it starts from speed one. I’ve taken the back off, and the adjustment screw wasn’t all the way in - but if I screw that in then it forces the main contacts apart until the lever moves to position 3. It feels like the lever needs more upward pressure, so that the raised bump on top of the lever is pushed more firmly into the grooves carved into the side of the body (they are hidden under the thin aluminium strip that wraps round the machine). Anyone got any ideas? Many thanks!

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Your analysis is correct. The “bump” needs to better engage. This is best done by opening the machine up and 1) making sure the pivot screw holding the lever in place is not loose, and 2) if needed, remove the lever and give it a slight bend in the right direction, and reattach.

Then re-adjust the mixer speed per the instructions in:


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Thanks Finkerbell. I had decided to open the whole thing up anyway, and your first solution above was exactly what fixed the issue - the screw holding the lever in place needed a half turn to tighten it up. Thanks for responding!


It’s a poor design. The lever pulls a spring which moves a lever to adjust speed. The spring is under max tension when off. The only thing holding the lever off is a very small tooth in a tiny groove. They both need to be bigger. For such a good brand this is like a 1950’s design.

I took mine apart and found the lever was also slightly bent down. I straightened it then used a dremel to make the grooves larger. It helped but doubt it will fix it for good.


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