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New RAM with same specs besides size won't work

I just tried replacing my old 2GB RAM sticks with 2 new 8GB RAM sticks, besides the size, they have the exact same specifications. They both run at 1.35/1.5V, 1600MHZ, DDR3. The old is DDR3L, but the new is also specified to run at lower voltage. I have looked at the specs for my motherboard and it has 2 RAM slots both expandable up to 8GB. I know the slot type is the same, as they do fit in, and I have tried applying extra pressure to insert them as far as they will go, but when I start up my machine the monitors come up black and it makes a continuous beeping sound. I can hear the fans run and the lights all come on. Thank you for taking the time to read my question, and especially for any responses.

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Dear Myopic, what the h-ll are you doing this to? Please be precise.


@samuelrogers ... lol im with @mayer .....lost. Please indicate your model machine so we can view oem specs and please list the sku# or link of what you purchased so we can compare. It sounds like its not posting due to not liking the ram. post so we can view and help


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If your motherboard supported 8 GB expendables then follow the steps below:

  • Remove both the RAM and clean the slot carefully. The RAM slot must clean and remove carbons from points.
  • Now clean your RAM pins and insert single RAM in a slot and turn on your PC. If your PC is working means your board is not able to handle high capacity of RAM.
  • Now, do the same thing with another slot to confirm there is no fault in the slot.

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