Performed battery replacement now Mac won't charge or power on

Hi All, I recently followed the guide to replace the battery this machine given the additional time we have given isolation needs in Australia at the moment. The existing battery had very poor life so I decided to replace.

As far as I can tell, the procedure went well. When I sealed everything up - no light from the charger, no power on the mac. Worked well with its existing battery. I then retraced my steps and noticed some damage to the interposer that sits in the connector. (a pin looked out of place)

Thinking that was the issue - I proceeded to order a new interposer. Replaced it tonight, and still no joy.

My question: Is there a way I can isolate where the issue is? Could it be the battery? Can I power up the Mac if I disconnect the battery? Are there some reset steps I should be doing?

Appreciate the help.



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