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Spilled a bit of clear diet soda on keyboard, should I be worried!?

So i opened a bottle of clear diet soda which decided to squirt freaking everywhere and some hit my keyboard, i quickly unplugged it and cleaned what i could, and let it rest over night on the side. Today it works very fine, but should I be worried about the drink leaving stains inside the keyboard, and could that potentially damage it in the long term, or reduce lifespan? :(

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Honestly you really don't need to worry if it was just a few drops on the keyboard. If you are really worried, you can take the keys off the keyboard, get some q tips, 99% isopropyl alcohol and canned air, then just clean in between the keys with alcohol on the q tip and canned air to quickly dry/evaporate the alcohol. But to me you should be fine if you leave it as is.

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