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Die zweite Generation von Googles Pixel XL Serie ist ausgestattet mit einem 6-Zoll P-OLED Display mit abgerundeten Ecken. Erhältlich mit 64 oder 128 GB Speicherplatz und zwei Farbausführungen: Einfarbig schwarz und schwarz-weiß. Es Erschien am 19. Oktober 2017.

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How to dispose of swollen battery?

Hello iFixit community,

I have a Google Pixel 2 with a swollen battery. I’m waiting for my toolkit to arrive so that I can remove it, but what do I do with the battery when it’s done? As I understand it, these things can be dangerous and can actually explode.

In the past, I’ve taken them to a battery recycling facility, but these are all closed due to Coronavirus. I called twelve of them near me and none of them are open.

I called my garbage disposal company and they said I am not permitted to throw it away nor are they doing hazardous pickups right now.

There are some websites that suggest soaking it in saltwater to dissipate the charge, but the general consensus is that this does not discharge the battery fully and it is still not safe enough to throw away and can still explode in a compactor.

What do I do with this battery? I don’t think it’s safe to keep in my home until the pandemic ends.

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Hi @djxdj ,

Perhaps you could contact your local, state or federal government department that is responsible for hazardous waste disposal and ask them what is the best way to store the battery safely until it can be disposed of appropriately using the battery recycling facility

Hopefully one of them should know what is the safest way to store it.


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With the current situation that the world is in with the coronavirus, this can differ for everybody, but the best way is to hand it over to businesses that have access to properly recycle batteries. Put some kind of tape over the contacts of the battery, then you will want to either take it to a local recycling center (places like this usually do take batteries but call to make sure) or you can try a tech repair store like batteries + plus and bulbs and they will take your batteries for recycling. Thanks for being friendly to the environment :)

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