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How do you fix a note10 plus mositure detetion error on phone?

My note10 Plus has not allowed me to charge phone as it states there is moisture detected in the charge/usb port. This phone has not been around that or even dropped by in or in water. Please Advise

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I have a new Note 10 plus... no moisture present but had moisture detected and wouldnt turn off.. tried all the advice I could find... sent it to FutureTel recommended by Samsung customer service. Sent it off for a week where they replaced circuit board etc. Came back with moisture detected once more but msg disappeared. I was told both by samsung customer service and FutureTel that it is a Samsung problem but no one will replace my phone. I was given a manager's contact info to see if i could get somewhere with him but he said I was on my own.. manager is Carl Cuevas sdr.seca@samsung.com

Can i bring it to a cell phone repair to have this feature disabled?


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Had a similar issue with my note 8 when water got inside it. You can blow it out with compressed air and if that doesn’t work, a toothbrush and some 99% isopropyl alcohol can clean it out. Apply the alcohol to the toothbrush, DON’T POUR IT DIRECTLY INTO THE PORT. Make sure device is powered off before doing this.

If all else fails you do still have wireless charging and you can replace the port because unlike the s10 series, it’s not soldered to the main motherboard, it’s a separate daughter board. Good luck!

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I just fixed mine.

Step 1

Take a piece of paper towel no longer than the bed of your index finger.

Step 2

Wrap it around your usb c charger.

Step 3 jam it in there and use a paper clip or something small and wiggle it out.

Step 4

Turn phone off and plug in your USB c charger.

If should charge. Make sure then power is off.


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if you just want the message gone, you can turn off your fast charging option and that should take the message away, however it wont fast charge either.

Go to Settings> Device care > Battery > Charging and disable Fast charging.

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