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Apples iPad Mini Tablet wurde im März 2019 aufgefrischt und mit einem A12 Bionic SoC ausgestattet, das True Tone Retina Display erfuhr ein Update mit Unterstützung des Pencils.

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My ipad mini 5 bought in March 2020... Just a month old... doesn't c

My ipad mini 5 bought in March 2020... Just a month old... doesn't charges above 80%when charged in afternoon... In morning I use all 100%... Then I charge at 4.. to 5 pm in the evening ... But it only charges to 80%and doesn't charges above 80% ...

But in early morning when I charge it charges 100%...

Why is it so that it charges 100% early morning


'doesn't charges above 80% in the evening time...''

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This is a battery management feature designed to extend the life of the battery. Keeping the battery charged to 100% 24 hours/day apparently chemically damages the battery. iOS will determine your typical use pattern and is supposed to only charge to 100% in anticipation of your use. Since you don’t use it at night, charge is limited to 80%; then, when your anticipated high-use time approaches it charges to 100% You used to be able to disable this feature; I just checked my iPad Mini5 under iOS 14.2 and that’s no longer an option.

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