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The Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is one of Nokia's mobile phones in the series of XpressMusic. It was released in January 2009 and discontinued in 2011.

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How to Repair Nokia 5130 XpressMusic`s Music Player?

When I open the Music Player a message pops out and says not enough memory.

How can this be fixed? Pls. anyone?

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LMGTFY, It appears as if you need to flash your phone. Here is a site that will help you with backup files if you do not have a recent one. Check all the links. link 1 and here is link 2


You upgrade your device memory


This is an outdated issue, but I would still recommend you upgrade your storage, or you can use an SD card.


how to update


bhai jan nokia 5130 main player ka masla hy to kia kro jaldi btao plz


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this is the software problem. this will not solve even after reset . you have to flash it means upgrade or install same version on it. this will solve this issue. if you have a dongles (Mx-key, Zaf, Ufs, Infinty, ATF(Advanced turbo flasher) any one from this . download the same Rm-495 latest version from support site then flash it . if you are normal user then you can use the Nokia software updater (download from Nokia site free software) then connect the file it will atumactically download the latest version and it will flash it . then you are ready . thumbs up. note that battery must be fully charged .

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+1 good answer.....


Bro This is a Software Problem Flash With This Version Nokia 5130 rm-495 v7.91


Mehak Mahoo, it is a good answer, but it is the same answer as the one from SIMRAN, except 4 month later. For that reason I moved it to his answer.


what if there no update available for this device sofware or application updates


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