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Acer Aspire V5-473P-5602 is a 14" Full HD touchscreen notebook originally manufactured in 2014.

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I need a base case for acer aspire v5 473

Where can I purchase a case base for this model?

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Which country are you in... look for eBay


Yes, I’ve been searching EBay no luck Thank you


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Hi @jsmalls24 ,

Do you have the old base case still?

There are a lot of base cases available for a V5 471 and V5 472 models which appear to use the same case, going by the part number.

If you have the old case still, check if there is a part number on it somewhere and then search online using the part number rather than the laptop model number.

It may be that it is the same case that is used for a different model but it is not listed for your model by the seller.

Just a thought.

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Thank you, I will check into that


I'm having the same issue. Did you have any luck with the 471/472?


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