Fix a new screen on the frame

Hello everybody,

I have a question about fixing my new screen on my iPad Pro 10.5.

I know, there are already many questions with this topic but I don’t find the answer to my questions.

I changed my screen and I used the adhesive in place on the screen. The screen sticked correctly but not near the home button. The surface area near this one is less wide.

So, I changed the adhesive and I put Tesa 61395 but the problem is the same.

I ordered B7000 but I don’t want stick all my screen with this glue because:

- in case of a future reparation, I couldn’t open my iPad

- with the glue, it is necessary to compress the screen to the frame in order to fix correctly. But with this solution there is a “step” between the screen and the frame. The screen is not at the same level with the frame.

With Tesa, the screen was at the same level with the frame so I am wondering if I can apply B7000 on the frame, put Tesa 61395 and once again, apply B7000.

So, with this solution, thickness of adhesive will be ok and the screen will be at the same level with the frame and with B7000 above and under adhesive will fix correctly the screen to the frame.

I don’t know if it’s a good solution.

Thank you.

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