MacBook Pro won't turn on after SMC reset

I have a 2018 touchbar MacBook pro. My trackpad and keyboard were frozen and took some time to become responsive after wake up. I tried to perform an SMC reset, held shift+option+command for a few seconds, the screen turned on, then pressed the power button too for 7 seconds and the screen turned off, however my computer won't power up. It makes no sound when connecting to power nor Powers up fans or anything. I already left it turned off for a couple of days hoping that something would discharge and reset, but it didn't work.

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What happened to the system? Did you have a liquid spill or bang the system at some point?

Did you try checking the power connection using an in-line power meter?

Are you using the original Apple charger and the cable that came with it?


I haven't spilled liquids and can't remember knocking it. The trackpad and keyboard had been slow react after waking, sometimes a menu for Bluetooth mouse/keyboard came out (I guess it wasn't recognizing the built in keyboard/trackpad). Most of the times I just had to close the lid and open it again or wait a minute for them to respond.

I'm using the original cable and charger. I haven't tested the power connection yet, I don't have an online power meter. Could I use a multimeter? Where should I use the probes?


I'll see if I can get something like that. I'm not in the States and Amazon has currently restricted what you can get from outside the local catalog.


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