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Why did my MacBook die when I plugged in the powerbank.

I plugged in a 2600 mAh power bank into one of the USB ports with intent to charge it and suddenly my laptop died. It was on charge. Now it’s not taking any charge. Won’t turn on or reboot. I took intervals and tried all alternatives. Even unscrewed it, disconnected the battery for a while and reconnected it. Nothing happened. Any idea as to what happened?

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I fear you blow your logic board up! The MacBook Pro’s ports are not setup to be fully protected. This gets into the direction the power is traveling. The battery pack you plugged in attempted to power your system which Apple didn’t expect people would do (they just didn’t get used back then in this series).

I’m sure if you take your logic board fully out you’ll see physical damage from the high current entering the USB-A ports.

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Did you use the proper wattage to charge your laptop?

Don’t use any power bank for your laptop. Use the ones that go hand in hand with the wattage of the charger of your laptop.

I hope this helps!


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@judysmith712 - The problem is more complex! This MacBook Pro series uses a MagSafe charger that has its own connection on the system. It's not like the newer models which use USB-C connections and have both the ability to be charged by the connection but also allow a device to be charged like an iPhone.

External Battery Power Bank devices need to be charged by their chargers not via the MacBook Pro's USB-A or USB-C ports as they are not designed to be used this way.


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