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Which MacBook Air parts are interchangeable for all generations?

I would like to piece together a MBA from "for parts" computers on ebay. I am wondering about the intercompatibility of the different generations of the MacBook Air. Which parts are compatible with every model which has come out so far?

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Very funny, LOLROTF

Not even the screws are interchangable

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Oh, that's unfortunate. Well, now I know at least. Thanks for the help!


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Mayer is just completely wrong.

Have a look on ebay and you will find everything from the screens, the the fan, to the battery and the speakers and many other parts are interchangable.

many parts for the 2010-2011 are interchangeable, and also the 2011-2012 are interchangeable.

Infact im about to attempt a 2011 system board swap into a 2010 11" chassis. (no doubt i will need to get some other 2011 bits aswell such as the battery which looks to have its connector shifted to the right abit more)

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