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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,4 GHz i5 oder 2.8 GHz i7 Prozessor.

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MacBook Pro won’t charge after water damage

Hi there, I searched for the right answer already and have some questions left.

I spilled a little bit water on the left side (logic board side) of my MacBook Pro 13” (Late 2011). The battery didn’t work afterwards. I bought a new one and now I realise it must be a different problem. If I connect the MagSafe Connector, the green light (not the dimmed green light) comes on and the log-in pages tells me 100%. After the log-in the Mac shows the right percentage (~50% atm). My sister has the same laptop and is in the town atm, so I can test some parts. Which one should I test? Could it be a faulty MacSafe DC-In board even if it’s not the dim green light in my case?

I can provide pictures (in better quality) if necessary. Just tell me what you want to see.

Thank you very much


Block Image

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The DC in board could Part of the problem, but really the most important thing is to look all around the logic board for any corrosion. If you find any, look to what it does, does the trace connect to a battery monitoring chip? Does the pin on the chip connect to the DC in board? Look all over, even on the other side of the board, for any corrosion at all. My 2009 MacBook Pro was completely wiped out by a little bit of corrosion smaller than a crumb, so it is definitely possible that the power delivery circuit, which is on the edge of the board, was damaged.

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Thank you, Jon. I appreciate your comment. Do I just look or do I clean it?


If you find corrosion you need to try a couple things. First of all, try to see if you can dissolve it with isopropyl alcohol and test the laptop. If that doesn’t work, you need to find where the corroded trace leads to and solder on a jumper wire.


By the way, you should be able to look up schematics online to find where you need to run the wire.


Thank you very much. Tbh I just cleaned some places with a mix of distilled water and mostly Sterillium (antiseptic with 99% ethanol). I searched what I should look for but I couldn’t find places with the same pattern except one. However, it seems to work now which would be awesome. Thank you very much for your help. Maybe I can find the schematics later and see if the wire is where the potential corrosion was.


I’m glad to hear that it worked!


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