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Why my iPhone won't charge

Recently I just changed my battery and charging port. After installing both new parts I noticed when I used both the charging port or wireless charging it has not charged. The battery I received was dead. Is this a sign of a bad battery or charging port? Im sure it is the battery since the wireless charging and regular port is not charging the phone.

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Make sure the battery is plugged in secure. Its not the charger if wireless charging doesn’t work either, but if the battery charges wirelessly and not wired then the charging port is also not working, try the same thing. It could also be that something else is bad in your phone, since it seems like this was not just a battery replacement for preformance and/or battery life, because you also put in a charging port, what prompted the repair?

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So originally the charging port was working here or there and the battery was pretty worn as well. I tried the new battery and old after the replacement of the charging port. The old battery is in an endless loop while the new battery is dead and not charging


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It sounds like the tristar ic is bad. I would take it to a shop and have them test it with a tristar tester. It only takes a couple of minutes and any shop should do it for free. If you need it repaired I would recommend jessa at ipad rehab ipadrehab.com or Jason at sts telecom ststelecom.com

This is usually caused from using an aftermarket charging cable that is not MFI CERTIFIED. The cheap cables don't have to chip to regulate the power input and it can spike and damage it.

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