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An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

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Can broken cable be fixed?

Cable has cracked at the mount point on the drive and drive is no longer working - is not getting power. Can I open the drive up & get access? Is the cable replaceable?

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It will take some doing! Follow this guide Apple USB SuperDrive Optical Drive Replacement once you have it opened up you should be able to de-solder the cable.

Now the fun begins! Using a 3D CAD program design a new strain relief block. Start by making an exact match to Apples part. Create a threaded end over the cable so you can thread on a threaded collar to hold the pieces together. Now split it in half (Top/Bottom) making room for the replacement cable you’ll want to use, and lastly create the collar piece. Find a friend or someone who can 3D print the parts (hopefully you have no errors) You may need to tweak the design a few times.

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I wish I had the skills to do this!


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