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Apples iPad Mini Tablet wurde im März 2019 aufgefrischt und mit einem A12 Bionic SoC ausgestattet, das True Tone Retina Display erfuhr ein Update mit Unterstützung des Pencils.

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iPad mini 7 ghosting with no digitizer attached

My 5 yo ipad’s glass broke. I ordered a new one, replaced it and now its ghosting.

I read around online and youtubed the issue, people said to tape around the edge of the ipad and the screen, which I did. The ghosting still happens. I removed the new screen, so just the LCD and hardware exist or the body, but it still ghosts.

I bought this screen: ++https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0842W...

Any ideas?

Here’s what the connector looks like on the ipad itself:

Block Image

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Your first issue was ordering parts from Amazon. Companies like Amazon, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, and Craigslist have no quality control over what is sold so anyone can sell any parts they can find and most of the time they’re junk.

I’m having a hard time reading your post. But from my understanding, it sounds like you powered up the device without the glass and it is still ghosting?

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Yes, I powered the device on and it's still ghosting. With or without the digitizer. I'm starting to suspect it is the port.


I added a picture of the connector on the board to the original post.


@raxman5 port looks fine I'm wondering if the board was damaged as a result of using that part. You can send it off to STS Telecom or iPad Rehab for further inspection. They both have youtube channels you can check out. If not I would try another digitizer from Mobile Sentrix or Mobile Defenders.


@hootonberg What is a good place to get parts from?


@raxman5 Mobile Sentrix, Mobile Defenders, and Injured Gadgets. You really can't go wrong with either of those companies.


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