How to properly fix Error Code F70

Okay so I have replaced all the Fuses, thermistors, and heating element just for good measure as they are all fairly cheap. The on-board diagnostic testing function has thrown error code F70 which is loss of communication between electronic assemblies, I.e, control board and touch panel. I need to know how to better determine which board to replace. All the touch panel functions seem to work, and the drum spins. The heating element will not produce heat thanks to the F24 code I assume is because of the first code. I have replaced the inlet thermistor which is what the F24 code says was malfunctioning or open. Any help on how to better determine which board has gone bad would be great. I checked all connections on both boards and they are all tight and I checked for any bare wiring of shorting and I cannot find any harness issues. I am stuck for now.

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