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Reparaturanleitungen für Leapster L-Max Konsolen

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Leapster L-Max Touchscreen's Ribbon Cable Terminals "Broken"


A bit of background before going into the issue:

I wanted to source my long-forgotten Leapster handheld for its touchscreen, to make it as a poor excuse for Raspberry Pi hardware.

Block Image

After successfully tearing apart the device to expose its innards, I was stupid enough to scrape off a number of the display ribbon cable’s 23 soldered terminals. Same thing happened with the smaller touchscreen input ribbon, although only one terminal was severed.

Block Image

Clearly you can see how much of an idiot I am with electronics. Despite this, I make a dismal attempt to reach out to ifixit for advice on how to continue a lost cause.

Block Image

Apparently, the screen was manufactured by a company called “GiantPlus”. Trying to search the parts’ numbers or the company itself yields not much. GiantPlus still exists, but the specific screen for the L-Max does not, it seems.

Block Image

There you have it. I doubt anybody can actually fix my problem. What I’m supposed to do now with a useless, deprecated piece of hardware is beyond me.

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unfortunately when the ribbon cable terminals are ripped off like that unless you can get a replacement ribbon, youre screwed lol.

the only other thing i could suggest maybe is to take that white backing off and see how the ribbon cable is attached? you might be able to solder wires onto it and rig it up to work that way?

otherwise trash it :(

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Mostly why i hate ribbon cables. Tried opening the back, however to my dismay the ribbon cable is just glued to the screen.


Sorry to hear that bro, next time maybe!


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