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iPhone 7 Plus home button doesn't click but goes home and TouchId Work

So after washing my phone in the sink, the home button doesn’t click for some reason. Flicking the mute switch and using things with haptic feedback such as scrolling in the timer and calls do not vibrate the phone. When I press the home button, nothing vibrates but it goes back to the home screen. Also, touch id still works. I also used TestM and tested vibration and there was no vibration. Does this mean replacing the Taptic engine will fix my home button clicking and vibrations? Also, the water indicators in the sim slot are still white so I don’t think water got in.

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It sounds like the tapic engine is damaged. The home button is electric and has no moving parts and uses the tapic engine to make it feel like it is clicking. You should be able to pick up a replacement part from ifixit.

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Thanks! I just replaced the taptic engine and it works now. The waterproof gasket is now gone but oh well.


You can pick up a new gasket for less than a dollar


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