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Toyota's fifth generation Pickup

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Do I have to take out my glove box to check my AC fuse?

I need to check the fuse for my AC. Do I have to take the whole glove box off first?

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Hi @toyotaguy91 ,

Don’t know your vehicle but is it the same as a Toyota 4 Runner?

If not apologies.

If so here’s an image taken from the 1990 -95 Toyota 4 Runner service repair manual that shows the location of the A/C fuse.

It is located in the right kick panel relay block

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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It should be under the hood usually on the driver's side. Look around there should be a fuse box there. There is also one inside the truck under the dash or on the driver's side of the dash. I have even seen them inside the glove box. But don't need to take the glove box out.

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There's one fuse box under driver's side by my pedal & one under the hood upper passenger side. The AC fuse I was told a another small box was behind the glove box. I've looked everywhere inside and out around the glove box and don't see it. Couldn't imagine they'd put it in somewhere you would have to disassemble parts in order to get to it. 91 Toyota Pickup dlx 3.0l.


The 10a AC fuse is on the left side of the dash beside the glove box. It is necessary to remove the glove box and part of the dash (all one assembly). Remove 4 philips head screws and one 8 mm (10 mm head) bolt. Glove box assembly is held in position with a clip on the right side of the assembly. A gentle tug will pull it loose.


What exactly is the problem? Are you having problems with the ac not working or the blower motor not working?


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