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Die Playstation 3 (im Volksmund auch PS3 genannt) ist das dritte Heimcomputer-Unterhaltungssystem der Firma Sony und der Nachfolger der PlayStation 2. Sie erschien am 11. November 2006

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Issues with PS3. Overheating/Disc Drive.

My ps3 is refurbished (had it about two months). I had the thermal replaced and it isn’t overheating. However, when I play a disc for about 30 min to 1 hr, the system shuts off and shows me the blinking red light. When I play online/downloads, I don’t have this issue.

I opened up the ps3 after it shut off and it wasn’t hot. A tad warm but nothing significant. Could a faulty disc drive be the cause? How do I fix this?

the fan is somewhat noisy but works fine.

thanks in advance,


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It is likely your fans are dead or unplugged, this happens sometimes if the fans are missing or broken, did you get the refurbished console from gamestop? Because i have heard they are not the best place to get refurvished consoles as they often have defects.

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Unfortunately yes. I got it Allegedly GameStop premium refurbished which it clearly was not. I had to open it up and clean the fan, etc. up a week into owning it. The fan kicks out air and seems to be running fine (despite being somewhat loud). I’ll definitely recheck it and see if the connection is loose.


Rechecked connection. The fan is running properly. Still having issues with shutting down while playing discs. It is much quieter since readjusting/unplugging and plugging the fan back up. Thanks. Any thoughts on what else my problem might be?


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