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Repair Guides for Sony Laptops

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Need instructions for replacing DC power jack on a Vaio SVE151B11W

I have the standard Vaio power jack problem (plastic sleeve inside jack fell out, so plug is now loose) but I can’t seem to find any specific directions for removing and replacing the jack on my particular model. The new part is a no-solder replacement, I just need to know the disassembly order and procedure.

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There doesn’t seem to be a guide online to do this, for your specific model, but here’s a link to the Sony Vaio SVE151G11L Repair guides.

This model should be close enough to yours to be relevant and the guides will show how to access the motherboard and hopefully you can work out how to replace the DC-In jack.

Just ensure that the battery is removed first and re-installed last to prevent any electrical problems from occurring when working inside the laptop. Also remember to take your time and if you do run into any difficulties, stop and think about it before proceeding, so as to not cause any damage due to frustration.

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Thankyou! As you say, hopefully the SVE15xxxxx are all similar inside.


@jayeff it looks like the LCD may need to be removed due to the routing. Once the bottom cover is off, you're set once the display is removed from the machine. A lot of laptops are moving to some sort of prerequisite step like that.



Thanks for the info.



@jayeff The display guide is the closest match for this one.


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