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Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement - Touch ID Works?

Hi iFixit!

I repaired an iPhone 8+ screen for my customer , after repair the home button no longer works however it does still work for Touch ID functionality. I have removed and reinstalled the home button and checked all connections - it does this on multiple screens so it isn't a problem with the LCD replacement. I have not over tightened the screws either on the home button bracket which I've read can cause some issues with the home button not working.

The customer also says that the home button "doesn't feel like it's seated right" however I have removed it several times and re-fitted and can't see any other way that it would fit.

Wondered if you had any ideas? I have already tried the suggestions on the following thread including a hard reset.

iPhone 8 plus home button not "clicking" after screen replacement..

Have explained to the customer I can replace the home button to restore click functionality at the expense of losing the Touch ID functionality ……. but would rather fix it properly.

Fairly sure I haven’t damaged the home button flex (this phone has been repaired several times) - Surely if the flex was damaged the Touch ID wouldn’t still work?

Would appreciate any suggestions on this one!

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It sounds like the turtle IC on the home button assembly has become faulty. I use to try and reflow or replace them but now I am advising customers to get apple to replace the screen and home button. If you have a business near you that offers microsoldering you could see if they could help but a lot of them have stopped doing this repair.

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