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Zweite Generation des CDMA iPad mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität und Dual Core A5 Prozessor. Modell Nummer A1397. Reparatur verlangt Feingefühl, Hitzezufuhr und Hebeln.

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I replaced the screen on iPad 2 and I received a Black screen!

Block Image

I replaced the screen in iPad 2,3.

After that I received a black screen.

The screen is completely black as when is off.

when I turn it I have the same screen. I don’t have illuminated light. Black complete as when is off!

i checked the LCD is working with another iPad so it’s not the LCD. Also I opened the motherboard and I saw that

I there is a blown fuse. Please took a look the picture.

Can we say that this fuse was blown??? Could somebody confirm it?

could be if I replace it will began to work????

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

thank you

Vinnie Venkov

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No picture. Did you disconnect the battery before you unhooked the lcd and digitizer? It sounds like you shorted the backlight circuit.

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Thank you Allan. Also I"m sorry for the picture, now You can see it. I had a problem to upload the picture thats why wasn't there. So do you thing this could be a problem on the picture. Also pls give advise if You know where I can buy all those small parts fuse, transistors etc, if You know. Thank You so much for Your help!!!


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