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Released in June 2012 and has a identified by model number of S5312. This device has a silver textured plastic cover with the Toshiba logo centered on the back of the 15.6 inch screen.

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Can't get windows to boot up

When computer starts it will not go to windows. Goes to screen that says there is a problem and needs to restart. Then it restarts and goes right back to same screen. Can't restore either.

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Susan —

That message indicates that your Operating System is corrupted and needs repair or replacement. According to the specs, the computer has an optical drive (DVD). Use a Windows system disk to boot the computer. At the boot-up screen, choose “Repair.” In many cases, this will repair the OS and allow the system to boot. If this works, all of your programs and data will be retained.

If it does not work, you will need to reinstall Windows, in which case, your programs and data will be lost. There is a way to export your data to USB drive, but programs will be lost.

Post any questions and I will try to help.

Good luck,

Russ Walden

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