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Die Version mit Farbbildschirm des Game Boy, erschienen 1998. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind einfach.

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Game that I bought don't play

Yesterday I bought game called The Mummy on Gb color and it worked. Today I wanted play but game don’t start :/ When I turn on a distorted Nintendo caption is displayed. I tried to blow the cartridge but it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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The Nintendo logo you see on the screen is the one the console receives from the cartridge and is checked by the console for copyright protection. If the Nintendo logo appears distorted and you are certain the cartridge is legit, then use isopropyl alcohol to clean the connector of the cartridge. If this has no effect you can try the game in another console. You’re likely to have a defective game.

Blowing into it will have little effect and will bring moisture to the connector.


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