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Verkaufsstart Juni 2012, Model A1278. Intel Prozessor mit Turbo Boost, bis zu 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Power on button not responding

Got one in with multiple issues. Very dirty. Had viruses, bad HD/IR cable and failed drive, slightly swollen battery and mouse not tracking well.. Would not boot from power button. Opened it up and cleaned out. ended up replacing drive and HD/IR cable, battery, trackpad and cable. Trackpad kind of passably works but not down low. Replaced keyboard. Everything running great at top speed. Closed it up and found power button still not working. It boots when battery & mag-safe are disconnected and reconnected. Since I replaced the keyboard I was very surprised that it still does not power the machine up. Saw no evidence of liquid damage. Is there a logic board component I should look at and where is it?

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Does it start if you short the power pads without the SMC reset?


you don't need to short the power pads, just disconnect the mag-safe and battery then reconnect and it boots fine.


I think you missed my point. So you are saying it powers on with the power button after the SMC has been reset?

After it has booted and you shut it down are there voltages on both sides of R5710 before and after pushing the power button?


@danj any advice on this one?


@mayer - Does it pass onboard diagnostics?

I think Chris was trying to figure out if the power pads was able to turn the system on after proper shutdown. If that failed then that points to a logic board issue. SMC will go into lock state (unless you clear it) which could explain things.


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You didn’t connect the keyboard flex properly; it’s tricky. Just make sure you pushed it all the way in and that it doesn’t move when you pull the tab down.

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