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Eine preisgünstigere Version der Nintendo Switch Spielkonsole als reines Handspielgerät, mit eingebauten Joy-Con Controllern und etwas kleinerem Bildschirm. Erschienen am 20. September 2019

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Replaced LCD but ZL button not work now

I recently replaced the LCD screen with no issues. Went in with no problems. Works perfectly but now my ZL button stop working. It was before I replaced the screen. I thought maybe I missed a ribbon or connector so I went back and took everything apart and check. It all turned out good, put it back together again and still not working. The whole board works, it’s only the ZL button that doesn’t.


Has anyone experienced anything like this before and do you think I need to replace the board?

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The only problem that I can think of is the ribbon cables. Something to always keep in mind during repairs is that ribbon cables are extremely fragile and can be damaged even if a tiny plastic piece just scratches against it a bit too hard. My guess is that sometime during the repair, the cable was damaged and therefore the button is no longer working. You could always try to replace that.

I’m not a god with these consoles, but I don’t think that it is a software issue because as I’ve understood, the other buttons are working. So something gotta be blocking the signal from the button from reaching the motherboard of the device (most likely a damaged ribbon cable or maybe a broken button).

I hope that you will find a solution, and have a good day.

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Thank you very much for that. I was thinking it could be a ribbon as well. I wonder which ribbon controls that button? Where could I find replacement ribbon cables for the switch lite?


To be honest, I’m not very experienced with the switch lite, but with a little help from Google, some replacement parts shouldn’t be too hard to find. You could probably look something up on eBay or something similar.


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I’ve got the same issue… and I did slightly crush a ribbon… the one in the right side closest to the battery.

I was using tweezers to unplug the battery connection… I realized I squished the ribbon that wraps underneath and plugs over the top of it.

did you do something similar?

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