Using single remote for TV, FireTV, and Bluetooth sound bar?

I have set up my Samsung Series 8 tv to use the Amazon FireStick remote to simultaneously turn on/off the TV, The FireStick, and the Visio SB3821 sound bar (using: Settings>Sound>Expert Settings>Wireless Speaker Manager>Bluetooth Audio Devices) I use the same remote to change the volume on the soundbar.

The problem is that - when the three devices are turned on - the following popup comes up: “Device Name: VisioSB3821 — Would you like to play the TV’s sound through this device? (Yes/No). In order to Pick “yes” and use the soundbar, I have to get the Samsung remote and click ok. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s an annoying extra step. Is there a way I can have the TV always choose this device?

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Hi @bikerpuppy ,

Just curious if the TV saves the sound setting if you turn it off using the TV remote rather than the Firestick remote, then turn off the other devices using the Firestick and then turn them all on using the Firestick?

If so it may be a software problem

What is the model number of the TV?


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