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The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 is a laptop targeted towards budget gamers. It boasts 256 GB of storage, Nvidia GeForce Graphics and an Intel i5 quad-core processor at a more affordable price than most gaming laptops.

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Acer nitro 5 doesn't turn on

Acer nitro AN517-51 series doesn’t turn on,

battery is full. I used that only few month..

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Any lights come on? Anything what so ever?


Yes, orange and blue.


Also my laptop doesn’t turn on.

My model don’t have pinhole battery reset

Acer nitro 5. /. AN517-51

What can I do?

Sorry for my English


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Remove the charger. Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Then insert a paperclip into the battery reset pinhole on the bottom cover for 30 seconds. Wait 15 mins. Plug the charger back in. If steady orange charging LED, don't try to turn machine on till steady blue. If still blinking orange LED, battery is likely unrecoverable due to being drained for extended period below critical level.

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