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Trouble connecting to GPS signal


Problem: It has trouble finding the GPS signal. When it does find the signal it works fine, but in time losses the signal again while driving. Checking for GPS signals in the preferrance file indicates as many as eight gps's in the area and shows the ssignal strength, but it does not connect to the tomtom. I have set it out in my driveway for long period of time. Sooner or later it will connect to the tomtom and work well. One time it was working fine I drove for about 45 minutes and while driving it lost the signal again. I have installed new applications, pushed the rest and reset it back to manufactures setting, but nothing works to resolve problem. The cycle starts all over again.

Thanks for your help.

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What kind of area do you live in? If you are in a hilly area or around forest like areas, loss of GPS lock can happen quite often. Have you had the chance to test the unit out in a different area, away from your normal settings?


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I had this same problem, at times it would take 15 minutes to "Acquire" a signal, this, of course would happen while I was trying to escape South Central Los Angeles. Updating the software didn't help, the only thing that assisted is where I placed the GPS on my windshield. The further down (which I assume gave it a clearer line of sight) helped. I nearly contemplated getting a bean bag looking thing and placing the GPS on top of it, so that was it was in the middle of my dash. Prior to being able to do this, it got stolen (see earlier South Central LA paradox), and I bought a Garmin which has been working fantastically.

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