SAMSUNG RF268ABRS - Upper Ice tray won't fill with water -

I stumbled across this site and was blown away with the expertise of the people helping. Looking for some guidance on next steps:

I’ve seen a lot of negative posts about the Samsung ICE maker in general but wanted to post this for potential next troubleshooting steps.

Upper ice tray won’t fill with water, if i hit the rest button it won’t cycle but the front panel beeps. I tried to change the ice maker unit a few months ago but no change in symptom so I returned it. Maybe a frozen line or water valve? My water dispenser works fine and the ice auger turns when pressing in the ice lever. I’ve tried pressing the diagnostic keys on the front panel but get no reaction from LEDs.

FYI: My bottom ice maker fills with water but won’t dump ice unless i hit the reset button - that has been an issue for several years.

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