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Das Pixel der dritten Generation wurde von Google im Oktober 2018 veröffentlicht.

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Pixel 3 Battery USB C port don't work, drain while idle, getting hot..


my brand new pixel 3 , I'm still enjoying it but I'm sad and stuck with all these problems happening at the exact same time.

- USB C to C cables don't work, including original and working cables from Google and Anker, they don’t work anymore both ways (They were working several days ago in one way, if you flip the USB cable it will not register a charge but now both ways don't work) but USB A to USB C using a computer or any wall brick with USB A seems to be working.

- Original USB C buds don't work although it works in other phones.

- Battery is draining so fast, loosing about 15% per hour while phone is idle.

- Phone is getting extremely hot.

- Phone won't start until you connect it to a charger.

Tried all things that people recommending over internet including factory/hard reset, cleaning USB port...

Not sure 100% if it is a software/hardware problem

I’m willing to buy a battery and a charging port assembly from here

My main question:  is this a problem with battery and the port, will replacing them solve those issues?

Please assist!


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If it's brand new return it. It should have a 1 year warranty.

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I'm nowhere near any warranty unfortunately. Any idea if replacing the battery and the port is the solution?


They will have you Mail it in and send you another one. I don't even think you can buy a battery yet.


I mean if I buy a battery and/or charging port assembly from here ifixit then replace them myself. Thanks


Sorry I thought I was answering another question. Yes you can buy the parts from ifixit and replace the parts yourself. They even have videos to show you how to do it. There are more available on YouTube.


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