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How difficult is doing board level repairs on an iPhone X?

I have an Iphone X that I believe has a faulty Charging IC, however after doing a bit of research about doing board level repair work on an Iphone X I saw others essentially taking their heating tools and separating the entire board into sections, as the Iphone X board apparently is several layers of chips all stacked on top of one another.

My main concern, then, is essentially whether or not I’ll need to reball literally the entire perimeter of the board once I engage in this separation or if the balling is simply there to help keep everything together, and a few joints here or there that aren’t 100% perfect won’t affect the functionality of the device. If it’s the former then I might just have to skip the X when it comes to board level repairs, because that’s a level of commitment that’s far and above what was required for previous models of both Iphone AND Android phones.

As an addendum: If anyone does have advice for actually doing the IC replacement as well those comments are also welcome.

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Yes the board has two layers. It is connected by what we call an iterposer board.

Block Image

When you separate them the interposer board stays on the bottom section of the logic board as the solder compound used on the top of the layer is of low melt. Depending on how successful you are at removing the top layer will determine if you need to re-ball it or not.

If the phone is water damaged more than likely some of the solder balls will have oxidised so you would need to wick the interposer board and re-ball. There are also spacers on the interposer board which if removed makes it difficult to solder the top board back on.

 It is not an easy job to re-ball the interposer board. You need the right type of solder and plenty of practice. If you are getting into board repair with the iPhones it is essential that you learn how to take apart these boards and put them back together.

 A good way to practice is on iCloud locked boards. Once you are competent you can move on to customer boards.

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You have to purchase a jig to split the board. You heat it up and lift the top half off. You have to heat it to put back together. They sell tools to do this on union repair and there are videos on YouTube from jessa at ipad rehab ipadrehab.com and Jason from sts telecom ststelecom.com. there is a Facebook page called microsoldering for beginners that would be a good idea to join.

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Also spend some time watching Jessa Jone's YouTube vids She also offers training!


Where do you go to get one of this jigs, and do you need a different one for every model of phone or are they reusable between generations?


You can purchase the jigs with the heaters from union repair. They see a great place to purchase your tools and equipment from.


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A super easy rule to judge its difficulty: If you need to ask, you can’t do it.

Board level repairs are all beyond DIY scope, iPhone board level repairs are considered to be one of the most difficult among all smartphones, and ones like the iPhone X with dual-layer boards are considered the most difficult among iPhones.

This kind of repair needs specialized equipment, model-specific fixtures and masks to properly disassemble and reassemble. You might trash a few boards just practicing the basics, then trash a few more to properly master the skills.

This may be thousands of dollars of upfront investment and several weeks of training to get started at least, if you are still at “asking” level.

I’m not discouraging newcomers into the trade, but if you want to get in, consider doing it professionally instead of just looking to fix something by yourself for cheap, that would cost you several times over buying a brand new device.

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The reason I was asking is because I'm already a technician who's done a few 6+ boards for the touch disease issue among others, and when the opportunity came to potentially do an X for this new issue I hadn't seen before I wanted to do the proper amount of research before diving in. I understand your advice about hesitation, but I still felt the need to do my own due diligence and get all of my facts straight so I could know for the future.


@Hamza Alzuraiki You can look for G-Lon on Facebook, this guy is absolutely board repair pro.


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