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Reparaturanleitungen für Fahrzeuge der Marke Isuzu.

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I'm losing a lot of oil from a pipe at the bottom of my crank case

There a pipe coming out of the bottom of my crank case on the left side .in the area of the motor mount .I'm losing a quart every 35 miles and I ran out of oil and pressure at 45 miles . I can't get anyone to identify it .maybe a case vent ? Or something to do with the oil pump ?.itsxa 2.3 l engine 4 cylinder gasoline truck 1992

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Can you take a picture?


I'm trying but it's not copying over I can email it but this set up!doesn't receive it .


I can send it in a email but this web site doesn't seem to be able to receive it .only text . no joy .


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Here’s the service manual for an Isuzu C22NE engine. It dates around the time that you mentioned and it is a 4 cylinder engine, although it is only a 2.2L.

Perhaps this will be of no help but you never know.

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