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Repair and disassembly information for the Powerbeats Pro true-wireless earbuds. Released in May of 2019. Model number: MV6Y2LL/A.

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Can't press down on the Left 'b button'

I noticed my left bud stopped working 2-3 days ago and I couldn’t figure out why, until someone told me to hold down the b button. I realized I couldn’t even press the b button on my left earbud. I’m not sure how to fix this, and if this is a simple hardware problem of fixing the button, or a deeper issue? any suggestions?

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and when I try to charge the L earbud, it won't charge either :(


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After having read some stuff on those earphones, this happens quite a lot.

Someone mensioned it happened to them during flights, which make me think it’s a contraction-expansion issue.

If the materials used in the device are not heat resistant, even the repetitive putting it in and out if your ear can make them rigid in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that celebrity-produced products are, in general, overpriced crap. No offence, i get the appeal.

However, you might be better off with a new pair of earphones, as hardware repair on such small devices is difficult and often, not cost-efficient.

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I just got these earphones and the left button was stuffed within the first hour.

I already had a pair of mifo 05's and they really never fell out of ears but the sound wasn't the best and I am doing running now so you get that feeling that the are going to fall out but they aren't. so I bought ear hooks and these seemed to be the best although I usually do heaps of research, I guess this time not.

I'm just wondering what to buy, thinking about buying the mifo o5 plus but you seem to have a bit of an idea so I thought I would ask? also the mifos are like $100 so that's good!


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