Yet another water damage case

I have a similar but not identical liquid damage case as the one reported here for the same mac. My son spilt tea into his laptop. It was running on battery and he immediately turned it off and went to a basin to pour out what liquid was inside. While tipping it over the basin he inadvertently pressed the power button and turned it on at which point it crashed and would not restart. (I don’t think tipping it was the best idea, but it’s too late now!) This is the point I got involved. We took the back off and disconnected the battery. I then poured about half a cup of isopropyl alcohol into the keyboard some of which ran out through the logic board. The laptop was then left in an airing cupboard to dry out over night. Next day we did not have the usual sticky keyboard- in fact he reported that it was better than before he spilt the tea! However the mac would not boot off the battery, which we had reconnected. Connected to the powersupply and it booted fine. Reset the pram and the smc and looked at the diagnostics. The battery data is available but it’s not charging- still 73%. The moment you disconnect the external powersupply it just dies. I checked the battery connector twice, but no deal.

My question is, how do I tell if it’s something on the motherboard or just the dc input/magsafe board? I get sometimes a green light and sometimes an amber charging light, but no charge is going into the battery. Everything else works fine. Obviously just swapping the dc board is a very minor job and $30 or so from ifixit. But I would really like to know the relationship between the dc board, the motherboard and battery. Can anyone offer any advice? The inside does not look as if it got particularly wet though I haven’t looked at the top of the motherboard yet.- If there’s a chance that it’s just the dc board then I will order the spare and then while i’m waiting for the part to come will remove the motherboard and clean it properly with isopropyl and a toothbrush but is there any chance that the problem is just the dc board? I don’t know enough about the logic of the charging circuit to make an intelligent guess, so any advice much appreciated!

Laptops and drink spills are a bit like the saying about backups: There are those that back up and those that will. Likewise if you ever put liquids near your laptop there are those that have spilt stuff into it and those that will. Sooner or later it will happen!

Thanks for reading and any advice!


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