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Angekündigt im August 2017. Das Galaxy Note8 ist der Nachfolger des durch Rückruf bekannten Galaxy Note7. Erhältlich war das Note8 im September 2017.

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MM sim not allowed

Phone was working fine but today i recived notification that “Sim nit allowed” now im not able to call or sms to some one there is no network

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Actually i tried another new sim and that is fully work8ng in my phone but this sim not works anymore…..i have another phone it works on all sims normaly, im in trouble that why this phone dont runs few sims and that sims are unl9cked and work8ng properly on other devices


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If possible, swap the SIM card in your phone with another compatible size, known working, network compatible SIM card from another phone and check what SIM card works where.

Basically swap the SIM cards between two phones

It may be a faulty SIM card

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It's not the SIMs that have to be unlocked. The phone has to be unlocked.

Is it unlocked also?

If not, you have to get the phone unlock code either from the service provider that it is tied to or search online for the unlock code for the model and the particular service provider.

If the SIM doesn't work in another phone either it is faulty get it replaced by the service provider.


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