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Vierte iPad Generation, erhältlich seit dem 2. November 2012 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modellnummerb A1458.

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Home button ribbon doesn't fit.

I bought a home button ribbon from y'all and the this new one doesn't fit in the port. I had to buy a new one because too many attempts with the other replacement (which also didn't fit) I suspect damaged the ribbon. When I try the old original ribbon, it fits just fine and the screen reacts when it's inserted. There is obviously not a one size fits all replacement that I have been sent twice now. What needs to happen in order to get the correct ribbon?

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what is your model number on the back of the device? a**** ?


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Make sure that you are buying the home button for the correct model. Different iPads use different parts, and if you accidentally ordered the wrong part, it is not likely that it will work. There is not a one size fits all replacement for every model iPad, and each model of iPad is quite similar. The easiest way to identify your iPad is by the model number, there is a tool on the apple website to do this, and once you do that, match the models on the iFixit website and order from there.

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